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Within the surface of a sphere or what I call a „Mickey Ball” all the other regular polyhedrons and many non regular polyhedrons are formed by the stream of regular polyhedrons I call Trion-Re’.* The Trion-Re’ can be likened to the shuttlecock of a loom; not a two-dimensional loom for making cloth or magic carpets but a multi-dimensional loom for weaving the fabric of space itself.

If we can agree that a three-sided Trion-Re’* is the smallest regular solid we can make an adjustment in our perception on what we have always thought to be true and develop a new viewpoint using this new paradigm. The Trion-Re’ is the vessel or arc of light we arrived in! What we all seek is to be found in the space between. There are no straight lines!

*ABSTRACT: The Trion-Re’ is a fundamental structural unit of 3-D space on the basis of which a new geometry of 3-D space can be built: namely, the 3-D space in which no straight lines exist. To account for the curvature of space, this modification shifts the rules for a platonic solid, making the Trion-Re’ the sixth such regular solid and a unique structure of space/time. Traditionally, there are five Platonic Solids with congruent angles and equal, flat faces. However, we must modify the rule and include curved surfaces; in which case a new solid emerges more rudimentary than the tetrahedron. Henceforth called the Trion-Re’, this new solid is described as follows: 2-vertices, 3-flexible edges, 3-equal faces, has an inside and an outside, spin ability and conforms to Euler’s rule (V-E+F=2). The Trion-Re’ can be used to generate new versions of the other five Platonic Solids.

„electro magnetic field created by spin. The trion is spinning, contracting, twisting and expanding. It appears that everything in the universe does the same thing; especially if you accept the idea that the universe is composed of the basic structure of light. If light is a solid it can hold a thought” – Michael Evans.

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