i was in eighty s
0:02uh… i was a hardcore atheist and uh…
0:05was looking for myself
0:07uh… eighty ist self-centered living for themselves
0:11and this is what i found myself in nineteen seventy five in the hospital
0:16and that they
0:18took three days and then they operated me
0:21and when they operated me i found myself
0:24in intensive care i woke up on a respirator which means they were
0:29pre-teens for me
0:31i was like when you speak
0:34but i uh… you know and i had been laying there and accommoda and i had
0:38heard these people talk about
0:39house travelers
0:41and how i was going to die and how i wouldn’t get out of the hospital
0:46at that time i a restricted on the contract
0:49budgets were myron marten and i heard one dash eight
0:52my hysterical on another guy sent
0:55not nearly as long as it’s going to be before he gets out here
0:59answers which said
1:00he’s not going to get outta here is going to die
1:03and after three days at cabrini com au
1:07and i remember my doc of my surgery ivanipaiva lebanon in concord
1:11he told me he says don t forget he think it right
1:15if you have anything the inside
1:18you get it done
1:19because we’re not sure
1:21we’re not sure i don’t know that
1:23so i’m used to have a condition
1:26it was called puked
1:27hemorrhaging mccarty protectors delivery systems so that you can live with that
1:33protects you can even though the content of this but you do not live with acute
1:38commemoration product that protects dot could you tell me tucson’s that would be
1:43dead before morning
1:45they can expect me to survive
1:47and uh… their i’m laying there
1:50neither was in the process to a system that when i stepped up their status
1:54by didn’t believe in god
1:58uh… i believe in the power of the universe because i’ve seen it
2:03life-and-death exposition that dealt with life and death
2:06i believed in something but don’t talk to me about god and sure you don’t talk
2:11to matt dot are resurrection of our persian burr service type of thing
2:16because i have been research science
2:20p_h_d_’s in research site
2:23majority in the opposite
2:25they do not believe in the supreme they believed
2:28interpreting them to believe that serious or in the universe
2:33because as we thought that far from home
2:36uh… we see the order
2:38but i was an atheist now seems very easily
2:41to be an atheist
2:43when you’re successful mentioned set back and say i helped me cock against
2:50orchestrated difficult
2:52to be in the eighties
2:53when your name on your guest
2:55because you begin to think
3:00these people are right
3:02seated and one man by the name on short adjusted to clean the and the gates of
3:08that helped witness to me about the blood of jesus
3:12for five years before they can mail
3:16and uh… you know i want to take him
3:18uh… and so archive really respected him i didn’t believe what he’s saying it
3:23but i respect it
3:26when i’m laying on my desk
3:29and knowing that i’m going to die
3:34i thought about it
3:39pluck if they’re deanne
3:41uh… heaven and hail
3:44and so the most comedienne
3:47on media most pressing silent in my mind
3:52out by kiev saying
3:55what he is safe
3:59packets sent
4:00and so i sent him to run short i wanted him to come down
4:04uh… because i want him to deliver what he had to do i have to idea
4:08how come and hang out on a tree
4:10and israel two thousand years ago
4:13point is that to me
4:14but i knew that he had something that i have to have
4:18and that night
4:20saddam’s go for rob ron wasn’t home ron was in alabama
4:25and so i had a group
4:26ten percent for ron
4:28and that night was among the slide
4:32head in my entire life
4:34before are sets
4:36and that might is as everything there and a m
4:40because i’m going to end the i would begin to tell you what
4:45i would begin to fade away and as i would say the way
4:49out with the king to go down he did not it was like darkness
4:53it was like divorced so
4:58it was like the variables darkness just penetrated into your very vague
5:05bandanas are left
5:07and i can tell you i’ve left my body because
5:11i remember when i came back into my budget
5:14and i don’t know where i was out of my body now there are people that talk
5:19about that uh… alike
5:22there are people to talk about floating over
5:24startup people that talk about a feeling of warmth and love
5:29i didn’t feel any of them
5:31i felt none abed i’ve felt on
5:34told terror
5:37tahoe terror
5:39because i news
5:41that if i a ever with all the way
5:44if i slipped all the way
5:47i would never get back
5:48that in mind visa beings undo that
5:52and so i thought all right now
5:54they told me later on i’m not only for the mattress cover alternately matters
5:59at all that matters upon me because i had to stay
6:03had to wait
6:04i had to wait till ron concert
6:08whatever he had to do i have to wait
6:10but i would again and then i would leave and i was rugby going down like a keep
6:15deep dark hair
6:18maximize can
6:20it’s beginning to cold does not like all when you look at him to take care
6:25dislike bong bond chilling cold
6:28in minority students
6:30and you can feel the coal industry can come up
6:34and again
6:35i would begin to believe
6:37and i would be in the darkness not beyond that point
6:40uh… and i remember one time and back in my body because when i entered my
6:45body was like
6:47just like that
6:48i felt by by itself
6:50might physical body for
6:53but i have it back
6:57the lead
6:59indeed that is the most
7:04experience doesn’t count
7:06and actual all night long
7:09and the next morning somewhere nine thirty ten o’clock
7:12and came up
7:14antoine came and he says doctor weir hopelessly chests
7:18icing on the tumhe now
7:21he says in the house of time
7:22and i think you’re right
7:24i mean i kirstin outstanding but now was time
7:29because hai
7:30head to head what every head
7:33because i have a short time
7:35aftab on earth
7:36and i didn’t know i have
7:38when i might make that trip
7:41and along the way
7:46libby simply and the sinister
7:48i have no idea what the senate prevalence but acts the access to dry
7:54but he had me in the semester and told me that jesus had died
7:58so my sense
8:00he had died for the census bureau
8:02uh… i didn’t quite understand
8:05but i knew that you know he can show me in the word he got where he said that
8:10now you have to understand how memento
8:13he told me and i believed him because it’s in this book
8:17and it was a new book unto me and it was called the bible
8:21and so i did
8:22uh… i i i thought that runs these meetings senator and how it i said the
8:27sinister after him
8:30and i can tell you one thing
8:33there was a pc came over me that i had never known
8:37i’d search for that the site search for the bottles
8:40alcohol at six fourteen needles at six
8:43in drugs that’s it for women answered for all types places
8:48that’s a little concerned
8:50but once it except jesus christ as my lord and savior’s
8:55i was no longer three
8:58i still believe that it’s worked
9:00because i believe the condition i had is that you do not survive undo that
9:06i’m a physician
9:07i’m in new what i head did not survive
9:11and he shows me anymore the competitions
9:14these signs shall follow films that to me
9:17facial a hands on the scene
9:19and they shall be cuc
9:21are more corrupt on planet earth systems
9:24taking millions
9:26taking millions
9:28eating whatsoever that my
9:30and god produces in my life
9:34different material for me to function
9:36without having to take medication you know when you see blind eyes open
9:41you see the crosswalk
9:43you see the leopard claire
9:45and simply thrown out
9:49seemed you see there
9:51gained it doesn’t take a walk it sounds to figure out
9:54that’s you know bible is true


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